On December 28, 2022, ugee, the renowned digital drawing and writing brand, officially introduces a new visual identity and starts a global renewal.

Since the release of the first product, ugee has gone through 25 years of growth with users. ugee, as the first technology brand to step into the digital handwriting industry in China, has been committed to building a bridge for users between the traditional world of paper and pen and the digital world of drawing and writing. ugee believe that in today’s diversified world, people not only have a strong demand for digital painting, but also have more and broader expectations for digital writing, as well as the pursuit of novelty, fun, and diversified product applications. Therefore, ugee start the rebranding project.

TODOT designed the entire new ugee visual identity system, including the logo, colour combination, typeface and supporting graphic. The new image of ugee is composed of the sans-serif ug and the hand-signed ee , which combines technology and humanism. The supporting graphic system outlines ugee’s new brand tagline “To Write. To Draw. To the New.” with diverse and rich lines. Through different line drawing techniques, the core values of writing and drawing are fully revealed.

In addition, TODOT created a wonderful video for new ugee, which perfectly interprets the brand’s new vision.

2022年12月28日,全球知名數字繪寫品牌 ugee 友基,正式對外發佈全新的品牌形象,開啓全球品牌煥新。

自第一款產品發佈至今,ugee 友基已與用戶共同走過了 25 年的成長歷程。ugee 友基作為率先推開國內數字繪寫大門的科技品牌,多年來,致力於搭建起用戶在紙筆世界與數字繪寫世界之間的橋梁。在 2023 年即將跨入新的發展歷程之際,為了滿足用戶追求新奇有趣、多元產品應用的需求,ugee 友基秉承自我革新的品牌基因,開啓此次全球品牌煥新。

TODOT 負責品牌煥新的標誌、色彩、字體和輔助圖案設計。ugee 的新形象由代表科技的無襯線字ug 與代表藝術的手繪ee 組合而成,兼具科技與人文的調性。輔助系統以多元豐富的線條,勾勒出ugee 全新的品牌理念「繪寫新世界,解鎖新可能」。通過不同的線條處理手法,將產品寫與繪的特色展露無遺。




Fever Chu, Bob Lei



Finn Chan, Peggy Shen



YJ Shen, Jun Choi, Fergie Wu



Hugo Ao






ugee, TODOT