After cooperating with Samsung on the W22 5G dial design last year, TODOT keep working with Samsung this year to design the dynamic wallpapers for its flagship W23 series smart phones: W23 Fold and W23 Flip.

We take treasure box and china wings as the theme respectively, symbolizing the different opening methods of the two smart phones.  For W23 Flip, we use the giant clam as the key visual at the beginning. As the phone is opened, the giant clam will bloom gradually into flowers and pearls. Opening W23 Flip is like opening a treasure box which full of excitement and surprises.

For W23 Fold, we designed an iconic sky-blue porcelain wing wih Ru porcelain, one of the four famous porcelains in China. We also add some gold colour to part of the wings, make it more delicate. 

TODOT also enhance the watch dial design for W23 Fold, which looks more harmonious with the industrial design.

TODOT 繼去年与三星合作W22 5G 的錶盤設計后,今年繼續與三星展開更深度的合作,為其旗艦手機 W23 Fold 以及 W23 Flip 系列設計動態壁紙。

我們分別以寶盒與瓷羽為主題,呼應兩款手機不同的開合方式。W23 Flip 的開啟方式為上下開合,我們以硨磲為主體,隨著手機屏幕打開,硨磲會綻放成花朵以及珍珠,打開手機的同時彷彿打開一個寶盒,充滿精彩和驚喜。

W23 Fold 屬於左右對開的形式,這款壁紙我們延續系列採用翅膀的傳統,採用汝瓷搭配金屬兩種對比強烈的質感來呈現一對充滿特色的羽翼,展現出心繫天下的非凡氣度。兩款壁紙完美呈現W23系列的東方氣質,視覺豐盈、質感細膩。

此外,TODOT 延續了去年的錶盤設計,為今年的W23 Fold 做了設計提升,讓錶盤的視覺效果與手機的外觀設計更加和諧。



Fever Chu, Bob Lei



Finn Chan, Momo Gu, Peggy Shen



Jun Choi, YJ Shen



Ben Cheong



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