MAKHIN ANDJOY is a new food series developed by maixuan food for the young market. Todot participated in the naming, positioning and image design of the brand in Chinese and English. Yue, in addition to representing pleasure, also represents Guangdong; In addition to enjoying yourself, sharing also represents the dual significance of sharing with others. The combination of English andjoy (homonymous with enjoy) perfectly presents the values of this new brand.

MAKHIN ANDJOY is committed to breaking the established impression of traditional food by injecting delicacy, taste, innovation and youth into all aspects of the brand. Focus on young people in product development, image packaging and marketing promotion. The image design is mainly based on the character mark, and a heart character is integrated into the word Yue, symbolizing the intention of the brand in details. At the same time, we also use the symbol as the auxiliary core, and integrate the initial J of joy into it. Although the figure is simple, it is recognizable. With the bright orange color that can arouse appetite and positive energy, the bold and simple application logic constantly conveys the core concept of the brand, accompanies everyone, and easily enjoys each exquisite and beautiful light.

麥軒悅享·MAKHIN ANDJOY 是由麥軒食品針對年輕市場而開發的全新食品系列。 Todot 參與了品牌的中英文命名、定位以及形象設計。悅,除了代表愉悅、也代表粵;享除了自己享受,也代表著與別人分享的雙重意義。結合英文ANDJOY(與ENJOY同音),正好將這個新品牌的價值觀完美呈現。

麥軒悅享·MAKHIN ANDJOY 致力打破傳統食品的既定印象為,將精緻好食、趣味創新、年輕活力注入品牌的各方各面。從產品開發、形象包裝、營銷推廣都聚焦年輕人身上。形象設計以字標為主,在悅字裡面融入了一個心字,象徵品牌在細節上的用心。同時,我們也採用了符號&作為輔助核心,將JOY的首字母J融入其中,雖然圖形簡單、但具有識別性。配合能夠勾起食慾和積極能量的鮮橙色,大膽而簡約的應用邏輯,不斷地傳達出品牌的核心理念一樣, 陪伴大家,輕鬆享受每個精緻的美好食光。



Fever Chu



Finn Chan、Peggy Shen



Fergie Wu、YJ Shen