BIEMLOFEN’s original name is called BIEMLF.DLKK. TODOT was invited to revamp the brand image in 2019. BIEMLOFEN is a gold fashion brand focuses on the development and manufacture of high-quality, high-grade, high-tech golf apparel. Provide multi-scenario clothing solutions for the elites. BIEMLOFEN is advocates the concept of Golf Lifestyle and focuses on giving customers a comfortable and distinguished wearing experience. It brings consumers self-confidence not only on the golf course, but also in daily life.

TODOT would like to enhance the brand image of BIEMLOFEN through the update of the golf man icon and logotype. We also designed a classic pattern with its English short form name – BELF. This revamp which maintain the original impression of the brand, and at the same time further improve the details and quality.


TODOT 希望透過人仔以及品牌字體的更新,為比音勒芬的品牌形象注入了新的動力,並以其英文簡稱BELF組合了一個經典的圖案。讓其最大地保持原有印像,同時在細節與品質上進一步提升,與國際品牌接軌。



Fever Chu



Finn Chan, Peggy Shen



FH Lin, YJ Shen, Ni Zhang, Momo Gu, Miona Xu