BASIC ELEMENTS is a stationery brand owned by TODOT. The brand is aiming to transform the basic elements of our daily life into stationery that can accompany us to work together. Our first product is a card holder inspired by cassette tapes. As a music lover, we really want to live with “music” all the time. Thus we tried to turn the cassette tape into a series of colourful card holders.

Different from ordinary card holders, we use magnets as switches, users can easily push the card through the two small holes, which is convenient and special. We are honored that this card case has been selected by the National Gallery Singapore as a collaborative product and sold in its boutique GALLARY & CO.

BASIC ELEMENTS 是TODOT 旗下的文具品牌,希望透過轉化生活中的基礎元素,變成可以陪伴我們一起工作的文具產品。我們首款產品以音樂卡帶作為設計靈感的卡片盒。設計保留了卡帶的視覺元素,並嫁接到卡片盒的設計上,配合色彩豐富的亞克力,讓卡片盒擁有非常好的視覺效果。

有別於一般的卡片盒,我們採用磁鐵作為開關,用戶能夠輕鬆地透過兩個小圓孔推起卡片,既方便又特別。很榮幸,這款卡片盒被新加坡國立美術館選為合作款產品,並在其精品店GALLARY & CO 內銷售。



Fever Chu, Jay Chan



Young Lin