TODOT is a diverse design team dedicated to brand integration design, covering graphics, promotion, marketing planning, products, and space design. We provids professional brand consulting, market strategies, and tailor-made design solutions for our clients. Through the power of design, we try to bring positive changes and better living quality to the society. Please feel free to reach us for any cooperation.

TODOT 同點設計是一支多元的設計團隊,致力於品牌整合設計,涵蓋平面、推廣、營銷策劃、產品以及空間。全方位為客戶提供專業的品牌諮詢、市場策略以及量身訂製的專業設計方案。我們希望透過設計的力量,為社會帶來正面改變,為生活帶來更好的品質與體驗。歡迎與我們合作,共同探索設計的新價值。


TODOT has nearly 15 years of experience in branding, graphic design, and industrial design. The core members consist of Project Director Fever Chu, Creative Director Bob Lei, and Product Director Jay Chan. TODOT brings together design forces from Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Our directors actively promote design development and design exchanges in different aspects. Aiming to create more value to our society through design.

TODOT 團隊成員具備近十五年的品牌、平面及工業設計經驗。核心團隊由項目總監朱安邦、創意總監李浩強以及產品總監陳鵬基組成。團隊匯聚了來自澳門、香港以及內地三地的設計力量,幾位主理人在不同崗位積極推動設計行業發展,促進創意產業交流,努力透過設計為大眾創造更多價值。


A complete brand design needs a rigorous and lengthy shaping process, and requires comprehensive brand integration and management capabilities form the design company. TODOT has rich experience in brand design and brand consulting, and is good at integrating various cooperation resources, and can provide tailor-made solutions for brands in different dimensions. If you have any questions about branding design, please feel free to reach us.

完整的品牌設計需要經過嚴謹而漫長的塑造過程,需要設計團隊全面的品牌整合及管理能力。TODOT 擁有多年的品牌設計及諮詢經驗,並善於整合各種合作資源,能夠在不同維度為品牌提供量身定制的解決方案。如果大家有任何關於品牌上的問題,都歡迎與我們聯繫。


TODOT has cooperated with many well-known companies and organizations both in the local market and abroad over the years, including SAMSUNG, vivo, Tencent, Macao Instituto Cultural, Macao Government Tourism Office, Macau Grand Prix, Macao Orchestra, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust, ugee, XPpen, Biemlfdlkk, MAKHIN …

TODOT 多年來與多個國內外知名公司與機構合作,創造過許多出色的作品。當中包括三星、vivo、騰訊、澳門文化局、澳門旅遊局、澳門大賽車、香港賽馬會慈善基金、ugee、XPpen、比音勒芬、麥軒…


TODOT has won more than 50 professional awards around the world over the years, including the New York Graphic Design Yearbook, the American Communication Art Annual Design and Advertising Award, Japan’s GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Italy’s A’DESIGN Platinum Award, and Korea’s K’DESIGN Grand Award, Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award Grand Award, Hong Kong HKDA Silver Award, Macau Design Biennale….

TODOT 的作品多年來獲得超過五十多個國內外獎項,當中包括美國紐約圖形設計年鑑、美國傳達藝術年度設計及廣告獎、日本GOOD DESIGN AWARD、 意大利 A’DESIGN 鉑金獎、 韓國K’DESIGN全場大獎,台灣金點設計獎全場大獎、中國成功設計大獎、 中國紅星獎、 中國設計智造大獎TOP 100、 香港HKDA銀獎,澳門設計雙年展等國內外設計大獎。