SELECT the smartest gadgets.

SELECT is a concept store with a great selection of innovative, fashionable gadgets and lifestyle products. SELECT aims to deliver an entertaining experience and showcases the worldwide creativity brands under this concept store in Colombia. SELECT needs a unique but inclusive identiy to carry this mission. 

The bearing element of this logo is a distinctive Bolt sign with customized characters in order to communicate SELECT’s vision. The Bolt sign reflects the energy and freshness of the brand. And it was placed inbetween S & ELECT in order to hides multiple valus of the brand. The special treatment of letter E provides a bonding with electric products. 

SELECT 是一家位於可倫比亞的智慧電子產品概念店。提供大量創新、時尚的小工具和生活方式產品。SELECT旨在提供一個充滿體驗感和展示來自世界各地的創意品牌的概念店。SELECT需要一個獨特但包容的標識來承載這一使命。


Creative Director: Fever Chu

Designer: Su & Finn

Year: 2019

Client: SELECT(Colombia)